– 20 Year Old Entrepreneur from The Ground Up

Hello, you’re probably wondering what is going on here and that’s completely fine because now I need your advice on what I should do next. I’ll start off by giving you a brief of who I am and you can comment below introducing yourself as well. My name is Shannen Dunham, a 20 year old aspiring cosmetic dermatologist student. Before I knew I had a love for skin , I knew I wanted to sell my own products and services and one of them is Skin Care. I know enough about business , but now I’m discouraged and wondering , Am I off to a good start?

I don’t come from a wealthy background  (if I did, I probably wouldn’t be posting this) so I’m starting a skin care line from the ground up. I’ve started a business outline and product overview, but I now realize that I need a chemist , money (semi-issue) , reputation and most importantly…ingredients! The good news is that I know the main ingredients I want to put in my products (most of the are natural raw resources) , but what I don’t know is the chemicals to blend and improve the product , how to mix them , balance the chemicals, formulas or who can manufacture my product(s) here in Charlotte,NC.

I’ve watch tone of  “Starting A New Business” and “What To Do and What Not To Do” videos and educated myself on business and marketing, but now I’m all stressed out.

My questions to use is:

  1. How Can I Go About Starting a Skin Care Line  ?

  2. Do I Really Need A Chemist?

  3. Where to Locate Skin Care Manufactures or Chemist in Charlotte, NC ?

  4. How Much Realistic Possibly Do I Have to Make This Happen?





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