Beyonce and Nicki Minaj Reunite

  The famous top-charting R&B artist, Beyonce, is known for her stunning voice and classifying her sexuality with glamorous videos and over-the-top performances. From her style to pregnancy of daughter, Blue Ivy, she’s aka a perfectionist. No matter what you say about Bey, B has a buzzing Beehive that comes to her defense stronger than a gang of security guards.


  Some say Beyonce changed of the years and want the old Bey back, but after looking into her music you can tell just from the titles that her singles Crazy In Love (released in 2003) is not too far from  Drunk In Love (released in 2013). After releasing her 5th album “Beyonce”  unsuspectingly on December 13th 2013, Bey gained a love/hate relationship with many viewers. A lot of people weren’t too pleased with artist saying that her she was over sexualized and over marketed. On the other hand, 50% of people loved the videos were so artistic in expression and flowed together as a visual album.

   Artist of the year back in 2008 went to Nicki Minaj. Just like any other artist, everyone seemed to love her at the point, but up the latter her critics were louder than her fans of her horrific lyrics and synthetic body parts. While Beyonce was criticized of being to sexual, I thought that was very ridiculous when Nicki earned a large collection of a feisty fan base she named her “Barbz” happily celebrating her explicit censored lyrics and image.

   When you look at the two , they’re pretty much alike. Beyonce was introduced to the public as the “The girl next door” and soon Nicki was introduced to the public as being a playful little girl with a kid friendly image. Both of these allegations are pretty absurd, but totally accepting when you don’t pay attention to what your kids are listening to. After getting a household name and gaining fan base, the celebrities became more upfront with who they really are.

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  Welp, if you’re looking for whose better, there’s not really a difference. Just consider the fact that while Beyonce sports singing and being classy with her sexuality; Nicki Minaj displays her sexuality in plain sight rapping a mouth full of “ass nursery rhymes”. So who do you prefer?


  Well if you still can’t decide…great! You may find their collaborations of “Feeling Myself” and “Flawless Remix” pretty darn amazing, some of the dopiest collabs in the game.


  When the two artist came together, Feeling Myself music video gained a whole lot of attention and respect (besides the fact it was released on Tidal). The music video was full of fun and colorful scenes with bucket loads of fashion and a bunch of craziness showing off their personalities.


  Here’s one of the styles everyone seemed to be bugging out about. This scene was one of my favorites as well so I made a set to get the perfect on the g image of Bey Nick. Just in case you’re  feeling yourself….


Comment below and let me know what you think!





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