Wednesday Bling

It’s Wednesday which is my most hated day. It’s directly in the middle of the week and always seems to be such a drag. On those drag days, I consider spicing up things and standing out with some bling. I’m not talking too much bling where jewelry is flashing everywhere, but just enough to feel more outgoing on a slug day. I love how the gold metallic look of the outfit flows in with the girly peachy-pink colors. The colors and the unique chill of the outfit spotlights your natural beauty, in this way you’re wearing the outfit and the outfit is not wearing you.


The spotlight of the image is the Larsson Crystal Mirror. It’s fittingly named Reflections  designed by Hugau. The beautiful master piece is pricing at a grand amount of $1,010.00 at If you’re interested in any other items from the image just comment below. Thank-you.


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