Rihanna Better “Work”!

Rihanna is buzzing the radio lines with her new single “Work”  dropped on January 16th. The repetitiveness and upbeat rhythm of the song has dancers working the dance floors. RiRi aka trend setter, started the evolution of wearing fabulous short hair and mixing different styles to make one. Her release date of her new album “Anti” was dropped on January 28th, however;critics says her album weren’t so good after all. Though the album may not be so impressing, the video kept me watching the whole way through. I’m pretty sure you know how Miley Cirus made twerking go viral through social media; everybody and their moms to grandmothers have been practicing their booty shaking dance skills as well Rihanna. On the video we can see that she’s gotten way better then before in a Jamaican club setting to make up for it. Not only was her dance moves captivated  buther style as well.




During the dance scene of the video, Work; RiRi is sporting a Jamaican themed net dress and tropical crotchet bikini. Created by Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2016 Collection, looks like we know an artist who was front row during London Fashion Week. If you’re planning a vacation consider going for a tropical look and feel those roaring beach waves. You may not be a celebrity or some famous ItGirl, but you can definitely look like one especially with the seasons’s latest. Don’t even think about searching for a look alike, get this look now for reasonable prices at USA.Tommy.com.

Net Dress: $360  Crotchet Bikini:$230



Here all the exact accessories featured as part as outfit except Rihanna’s choker is pink. Most of these items are on the  pricey side, but part of being a celebrity is also being a money gambler. The brands range from the famous Giuseppe Zanotti gold metallic sandals, to Alexis Bittar unique cherry bomb jewelry. If you’re intrersted in these items comment below and I’m happy to let you know the details!




And just in case you wondering, don’t worry I got you covered!  For the smooth electrifying green lipstick try LimeCrime in Serpentina. Enjoy!





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